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Residential Property

Property Management and Maintenance

Maintain it!  All houses need routine maintenance that when neglected can turn a couple of hundred dollar repair into a multiple thousand dollar one very quickly.  Especially if water infiltration is involved.  We are all busy and this is your professional helping hand.

We have been asked by our clients and many homeowners to help them find contractors they can trust when routine and other home issues arise.   We are happy to assist and have created a system to keep your home or investment property in the best possible shape.

  1. Quarterly assessment and maintenance plan with bids – recommended for Investment properties.  An interior and exterior review and systems check included.  Also best for busy professionals who travel a lot and retired professionals with much better things to be doing!  $400 annually
  2. Bi- annual full assessment and maintenance plan with bids.  Typically late fall pre-winter and in the spring. A report with different levels of urgency noted and timeframes given.  $200 annually
  3. Yearly or one-time as needed.  $150


Items will be qualified as:

Red: damage will occur to home if not addressed immediately. 

Yellow:  Needs to be taken care of soon but not within next 6 month.  Need to watch. 

Green:  Discretionary maintenance item needed soon or needed for aesthetics.